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Children learn through play in a loving, caring and favourable environment. Real objects are readily available for them to see, hear, touch and manipulate to enhance learning through their senses. The supportive adults who respect the children as individuals use language with them continuously in order to stimulate their language development.

Harry Field Montessori School is a leader at providing the right environment, care and support growth for children of this class. We understand our crucial this age of a child’s life is and that care needs to be provided round the clock always. That is why we employ the best hands to provide care for our kids in the daycare and we make sure that the teacher to child ratio is convenient enough so that each teacher can conveniently take care of each child without stress of being worn out.

We Offer the following programs and plans for creche

  • Daily Child Care:

    In this case parents are not on our regular Term by Term program but can bring their child to the creche and is charged a fee for a day. The child for that day is given the maximum care we give to all our kids in the creche and we make sure the child feels at home while providing the right feedback to the parents

  • Monthly Child Care:

    We offer the monthly child care to parents who wishes to bring in their child to the school and pay for a one month period. The child will be admitted to the school for the one month period and given full and maximum care as with other kids in the school

  • Creche Term/Session:

    We highly recommend this program as this is our default creche program where the child is fully admitted with the school and pays for an Academic term which spans a period of 3 Months

  • Holiday Child Care:

    In some cases parents might need to bring their child to the school during the weekends and Holidays depending on their schedule. In this case, we offer an Holiday child care package for the child and the parent would pay for the holiday period

  • Till Mama Comes TMC:

    The TMC program is for kids that their pickup exceed the regular closing time of the creche. The Till Mama Comes program attracts an additional charge but allows parents to keep their kids in the creche and under our maximum care all day till when the parents can come and pickup.