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School Bus

At Harryfield Montessori School, we have a very comfortable school bus and a school bus program to help take kids from their home on time and bring them back to the house without any hassle from the parents. This is how our school bus program works; Student that apply for the optional school bus service are listed and their houses identified. The Bus driver and assigned teachers arrives at the child’s house and pick up the child in the morning as agreed with the parents.

The teacher assigned to our buses ensures that the students have fun but also comport themselves in the right manner while the bus is transiting. At the close of school, the students are taken with the bus to their various homes. The parents are well rested as they don’t need to make school runs while signed up on our school transport service. Contact us today to discuss this further and we will be more than willing to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you would need.